On The Go Realty

Business Type: Real Estate “Lancaster New City Cavite”


  • Increase reservations for House and Lot and Townhouse in Lancaster New City Cavite
  • Increase maximum exposure on other countries that can’t be reach by traditional media
  • Increase chat engagement on online website


  • Created separate Campaigns for each Geo Location
  • Implemented Ad Extensions to widen Ads Exposure
  • Implemented Negatives to ensure only related searches will be paid
  • Implemented Display Campaign for Banner Ads for Promos
  • Implemented ETA Ads on Account for New Type of Ads for A B Testing


  • Achieved Increase in Traffic by 69.34% Compare to Beginning of the Account
  • Achieved Increase in CTR by 185.46% Compare to Beginning of the Account
  • The Agency became the number 2 top-performing agency when it came to sales on the real estate with 80% sales coming from Online Leads