Six offline viral/brand strategies I thought about while finding a way to transfer my files from my Laptop to my Ipad.

The 2011 MORCON (Mastering Online Ranking Conference) organized by was a success. While all the presentations were very informative, I had my own problem to settle – how to transfer my files from my Laptop to my Ipad. Thing is my Ipad had the AVI adapter while my MBA (Air) did not have one, so I needed a way to transfer the PPT file from the Laptop to the my Ipad. On any ordinary day this would have been easy, just drop it on DROPBOX and instantly you have your files BUT unfortunately the conference room did not have a decent wifi access.

What does this problem have to do with viral marketing?

1)I tried transferring the files through the bluetooth device.

Lo and behold while Ipad was looking for a compatible “pairing” i saw one Bluetooth device with the actual URL as its device name – So it crossed my mind that if someone was creative enough to post an actual ad copy on their computer name like Need PPC Managers? – dojocon.local (not sure how many characters are allowed) people turning on their bluetooth devices will have instantly seen that ad.

2) Sadly even with the bluetooth pairing for both Macbook Air and Ipad, I cant figure out how to send the files. So the next best thing would be to look for a decent internet connection which I was doing for the last 30 mins or so. Then why not create an adcopy as the name of your tethered wifi connection. I’m sure that 50% of those visitors, upon opening their laptops, searched for a decent wifi connection. Instant Free advertising to 100 or 180 visitors.

3) After having a laugh with these 2 ideas with Myles Vives and Benj Arriola, Benj shared an experience he had while driving into a gas station. Someone was clever enough to post his/her blackberry barcode “thingy” near
the pump station so anyone who would be texting or reading their email would somehow pickup the information – though I’m not a balckberry user so it might not be as easy as it sounds. Clever.

Now why not have your ScanLife RFID/barcode thingy printed out and stick it on the back of your laptop. This will work best if you are a speaker for the conference as everyone will have a direct line of sight to your laptop.

4) If the ScanLife barcode thingy doesn’t work then place the Logo of your company and URL on the back of your laptop. For a speaker this would be great since most likely they will be standing on a podium where people can see it.

5) One thing that people will gladly waste their time on is to wait in line while getting food on a buffet. Imagine the number of minutes one has to wait just to get a plate – and you have no choice but to be inline. Hanging a banner or just even a poster near the buffet table would be a welcome sore for people waiting for their turn to get a plate – unless your ad is a sore itself.

6) On conferences coffee and drinks are served a plenty, so the bladder reacts and most people would visit the comfort room quite often. For men, I bet there would be no other way to capture 10-15 secs of their time – unless they are too busy urinating. That is a opportunity to deliver a message, 10-15 secs of undivided attention while looking into a wall. Rather that looking at a blank wall, would it be nice to read something? Place a creative ad on the walls in front of the urinals – i have already seen some of this in place.

I haven’t done any of these so I’m not sure how effective they will be but if you get to close 1 or 2 clients from any of these shoot me an email to share the story.